11 Huge Mistakes I Did Trying To Lose Weight

I still remembers feeling hopeless when my weight reached 305 pounds. I suffered from back pain, my knees hurt and simple tasks left me out of breath.

It was hard to get around. I could barely carry my groceries and started having them delivered because I couldn’t go up the steps while carrying the bags, I didn’t feel pretty. … I had anxiety and depression.

I was on my own, not having anybody else to rely on in the house after my husband left me with 2 girls, of course, wanting to be around for my baby girls. I had to take action, i couldn’t take it anymore.

When my sister told me about a gym she had joined that year, i joined her and started exercising on a regular basis and lost about 30 pounds in two months.

But it didn’t stick, In April 2020 and during covid-lockdown i gained all that weight back, plus an additional 20 pounds. That’s when the number on the scale reached 305 pounds, the most i had ever weighed.

In May 2020, i meet with Sarah my Dietitian on an online forum. After a 30min Call, she suggested that Intensive behavioral therapy is the best treatment for obesity. Together, we started working on my poor eating habits that lead to my overweight alongside some exercises i did at home.

Like Most people i knew that if you want to lose weight, i needed to consume fewer calories and exercise on a regular basis. However, there’s much more to successful weight loss than just that. Among things i should do, there are also things i shouldn’t, and those mistakes halted me and even reversed my progress.

Now lost more than 105 pounds, rejoicing when the scale recently showed 199 — the first time in 14 years that i have weighed less than 200 pounds. I’m able to stick with my routine with ease.

I’m not as tired. I’m much more confident, I like the way I look in the mirror. My daughters compliment me and tell me that they’re proud of me. The feeling of the endorphins after going to work out is amazing.

Today i want to share my secret with you (11 secrets to be exact). if i did it, i know for sure that you can do it as well.

Diet and exercising are important, but not as much as those tips my Dietitian gave me to change my bad habits into a healthy ones. After all, Why go though the trouble of Losing weight if you’re going to gain it back again, and believe me you will unless you made sure to avoid theses mistakes

Before getting started, i want to let you know that i’m available if have any questions, i’ll make sure to check the comment section from time to time to anwser any question you may have. see you at the end of this article…

Not reading labels

11 – Not reading labels

When i was reading labels before, the only thing i looked for is expiration date, and that’s a huge mistake

Many packaged foods these days have healthy-sounding claims on the front of the package that fool you into believing they’re actually good for you.

But if you check the nutrition label, you’ll see that most of those claims aren’t supported by any factual information. There is also a lot of sugar hiding among ingredients, often disguised as words ending with -ose: fructose, glucose, dextrose, maltose, and sucrose.

Another mistake you make when not reading labels is assuming that one package means one serving. Did you know that one serving of chips is only 13 to 16 chips? There’s definitely more than that in even the smallest bag.

Do this instead: always check the list of ingredients and the nutrition label on the back of the package, and don’t forget to take note of the serving size, as well. This way, you’ll make sure you only eat what you actually need.