30 Of The Funniest Weight Loss And Diet Memes

Losing weight is seriously difficult – it takes hard work, discipline, and a good working knowledge of nutrition and exercise to achieve.

But while most of us will try dieting at one point in our lives, few of us successfully stick to that new healthy lifestyle. And sure, failure can get you down. But don’t give up! Trust me, you can do it if you really really want to.

While dieting can be tough, it doesn’t have to suck. As a person of British descent, I can well understand the benefits of reacting to adversity with humor, so for all you struggling to eat healthy foods out there, we at SCOVIRAL have a treat!

Hilarious, at times painfully true, these highly relatable memes about weight loss will help you to understand that you’re not alone in the battle against the bulge. At the very least, you’re sure to burn a few calories with laughter! Scroll down below to check these funny memes out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 Too Funny To Eat

According to this survey, one of the most common New Year’s resolutions among Americans is to lose weight and get in shape. This is unsurprising in a country that has the highest obesity rate in the world. In 2016, ten U.S. states reported that approximately 70 percent of their population was either overweight or obese, pointing to a significant public health crisis.

Of course, most people recognize the danger of obesity to their overall health, and dieting is popular among those who are looking to improve their general well-being. However, despite the fact that most Americans are overweight or obese, obesity is often seen as unattractive or a sign of laziness or poor character. This also drives much of the motivation to lose weight. It’s hardly surprising then, that the U.S. weight loss industry was worth a staggering $70.3 billion in 2018.

#2 At The Gym

#3 Choices Were Made

But why do 4 out of 5 new diet plans fail within a month? Well, there are lots of reasons, not least of which is focusing too much on the food while neglecting lifestyle changes and the importance of breaking and forming habits. In order to achieve lasting change, most people will need to embrace a whole new way of living, one that goes beyond simply hopping from one fad diet to the next.