5 Self-care Tips To Assist You Through A Stressful Week

1) Breathe like you Mean It

There is a reason why respiration is so important: our livelihood depends on that. Our life begins and ends with one breath. one of my favorite fitness coaches once said, “Your breath is your only consistent friend in life.” we tend to take shallow breaths, making tension in our body and increasing stress levels; so, our overall health suffers.

Here is a respiration exercise you’ll be able to perform: inhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds, and exhale for eight seconds. do that a minimum of three times, breathing deeply. while taking and releasing each breath, visualize your diaphragm and lungs operating alongside each other and your belly and chest rising and falling rhythmically. Feel the air initiating of your nose and mouth.

2) Take A Cleansing Shower

Physically washing away the dirt, germs, and bacterium that have clung onto your body isn’t only a detoxifying action, however it additionally improves our physical, mental, and social health. this could even be a figure for eliminating the negative and stressful aspects of your life.

3) Nourish Your Body

Throughout the course of a stressful week, we gravitate towards something within the refrigerator that’s fast and easy or head to the nearest fast-food eating place.

Feed yourself fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins that cause you to feel good and energized.

Cook yourself a hearty meal together with your favorite ingredients that give nutrition. speak and listen to your body—what will it need versus what will it want?

4) Soak in the jacuzzi

This may be a luxury for a few people and not applicable to everybody, however if you have got a hot tub at your disposal, use it!

A jacuzzi can even be substituted with a tub, just as long as you’re lying down together with your head resting on a soft pillow and your eyes closed.

Let your mind drift and your thoughts run their course. this is often a moment purely for you to get pleasure from and relax in your visualized happy place.

5) Journal With gratitude

The action of writing down in paper your thoughts and all you got in mind is much powerful. There are 30-day journal prompts you’ll be able to follow, otherwise you will simply describe the highs, lows, and attention-grabbing points of your day. think over what you’re grateful for these days.

Your journal could be a sacred place wherever you’ll be able to express your thoughts as incoherent and jumbled as you’d like. i really like ending my day in bed with my favorite fine-tip pen in hand, seeking my quiet place.