8 bad habits that make you fat

1- Deprive yourself:

An excessive diet is very bad for your health… you can see the appearance of serious nutritional deficiencies which lead to severe fatigue, malaise etc. Extreme deprivation also causes a feeling of frustration which will make you throw yourself on the food excessively afterwards … and there, it is the yoyo effect!

2- Do not drink enough:

Water is essential for your body… it allows you to eliminate toxins, to avoid the risks of cardiovascular diseases. It also brings you a feeling of satiety. Forget the sugary soft drinks! Your body needs water! Doctors advise 2 liters / day.

Having a balanced weight is not easy and requires a lot of commitment regarding our diet, but also our daily habits. It is very important to know that in order to lose weight, there are other factors to keep in mind than diet.

3- Consume too many processed foods:

Colorings, preservatives, added salt and sugars, fat … that’s all that is found in dishes prepared under vacuum. In addition to being unhealthy, they will make you fat … prepare your own dishes, it can be quick and much healthier!

4- Eat too late:

The ideal is to leave 12 hours maximum between the first and the last meal. Your stomach should be left to rest for 12 hours straight. This means that if you have breakfast at 8 a.m. you must finish your dinner at 8 a.m. Not obvious but it can be very good for health.

5- Go to bed late:

Lack of sleep is also responsible for weight gain. The more tired you are, the more your body will sound the alert. But you will feel a need for fat when you actually need vitamins and sleep! Not putting your body to rest does not allow it to digest and assimilate food well. Which will make you fat…

6- Eat too fast:

You would have to chew your food 40 times before swallowing it so as not to get fat … even without going to this extreme, take the time to chew, take the time short! Do not eat quickly in front of the computer or standing, stop 30 minutes is the minimum …

7- Skipping meals:

Your body needs a regular and not grouped food intake … thinking that skipping a meal will make you lose weight is a very bad idea. Your body will draw on your reserves and thus increase the feeling of hunger. At the next meal, you will overeat and your body will store fat.

8- Being too stressed:

Stress is the number 1 enemy of your line … it makes you swell, overeat, poor sleep … the total. Healthy living and a healthy body start with a good mind. Relax and you are sure to gain diet points!