A Tattoo So Good You Do Not Even Detect It


A hyper-realistic tattoo by artist Eric Catalano has actually gone viral after appearing on social media.

Catalano did the tattoo for free and has actually since been overwhelmed with demands from amputees and cancer survivors for hyper-realistic tattoos.

Catalano says he does these kinds of tattoos free of charge from time to time however the current viral image has entirely spiraled out of control. In response, he established a Go Fund Me page with the following story:

“So I’ve been providing free tattoo services to survivors of amputation and cancer to make them feel entire whole again. I feel awful charging the people who have currently suffered pain and injury or fighting life and death. They have actually already been through so much. And I simply flat out refuse to make them pay to receive my services I can not do it. However, here recently the large quantity of individuals requiring my free services is expanding every day. I’m now stuck in a brand-new controversial internal battle, which is overlooking huge amounts of message from others who need my aid because I still have to work and support my family. After lots and lots of pushing and pressing by people basically requiring me to get a financing site set up, I’m doing it. What this will permit is “angel” contributions to pay me, for sufferers to get their totally free tattoo work. Enabling me to assist more and more individuals while still having the ability to support myself. If you can throw a little loan at it, I can promise you’re helping another individual get in the door. Thank you!”

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