Groshong focal line inhabiting catheters are extensively utilized in gynecologic oncology patients for the company of chemotherapy, intravenous beverages, and anguish prescriptions. They are something but hard to keep up and have a decent health report. We give an account of the association of these focal venous catheters beneath direct fluoroscopic belief as a method which is included, least expensive, and adequate in high-hazard sufferers. Fluoroscopic illustration amid inclusion gives a few factors of interest: belief of difficult traveller spots, position of the guidewire into the subclavian vein and typical vena cava beneath direct illustration, and confirmation of right distal association of the Groshong catheter. Quiet possibilities comprise the accompanying: (1) shirking of useless punctures to get to the subclavian vein; (2) check of guidewire state of affairs to stay far from cephalic association; (3) section of the guidewire simply to the quantity an appropriate chamber to maintain a strategic distance from capacity dysrrhythmias non-compulsory to right ventricular disturbance; and (4) a reserve budget of around 60% over inclusion in the preferred operating room. Thirty patients had arrangement underneath fluoroscopic belief in the angiography suite of Georgetown University Hospital. Groshong catheter. The ordinary age of the sufferers turned into fifty eight years (42-seventy eight). Sixteen patients had ovarian sickness, 6 had endometrial ailment, five had cervical malignancy, and three had different gynecologic malignancies. Fifteen patients had catheters set for chemotherapy, 14 for hydration, and 1 for torment control. Ten sufferers had beyond focal venous catheters: 6 have been evacuated for infection, 2 for thrombus, 1 for finishing of chemotherapy, and 1 for catheter kinkage. Every one of the 10 with past catheters had effective association of catheters inside the angiography suite. Difficulties from addition had been insignificant with one asymptomatic pneumothorax and one proximal port in an extravascular position. We gift the method of fluoroscopic addition of Groshong catheters that’s a compelling method for position in excessive-hazard patients.